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Why Does A Writer Need A Website?

These days, owning a website is an essential promotional tool for those concerned with the written word. Your website will reach local, national and world wide audiences.

Promotional websites for authors, writers, playwrights and illustrators have the following benefits:

1. Showcase – a website is a global showcase for you, your book, play or publishing service – anyone with a computer connected to the internet can access your website.

2. ‘Try before you buy’ – a website is a useful way for allowing potential buyers to read an extract or sample chapter before buying.

3. Marketing – a website is a marketing tool and promotional tool. This applies to all people who are in the business of the written word but it is particularly applicable to authors who have yet to be published or self publishers. It provides a simple way for potential publishers and sponsors to find out information about you and read samples of your work.

4. Selling books online – a website provides a way for potential readers to buy your books direct from you – either by email or a secure internet payments system which can take credit or debit card payments. Links to online booksellers such as Amazon and Waterstones can also be included on a website.

5. Selling e-books online – some writers use their websites to sell downloadable e-book versions of their works.

5. Professional integrity – a website enhances your credibility as an author, writer, playwright or publishing house.

For writers groups, websites can help establish a group’s identity. Each writer can have a showcase page – a good way of getting web exposure without the expense of an individual website.