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Putting Reader Reviews On Your Website

Reader reviews can build desire for your book, especially if the reviews are from a respected source.

However, the problem facing many authors and writers, especially if newly published, is that they do not have any reviews.

Readers’ comments
Including a ‘Readers’ comments’ section is one way of dealing with this problem. Ask your friends and family to review your work, and jot down any thoughts they have on your book – good and bad. You can review these comments and include any extracts that you feel portray you work positively.

In time, your work may be reviewed by more respected sources. You can then gradually replace the readers’ comments with these reviews as they come in.

Where is the best place to put reviews?
Some authors include reviews on the home page. Alternatives include putting reviews at the bottom of your ‘book’ page or scattered throughout your site, maybe in a side bar or at the foot of every page. Some authors and writers have a whole page dedicated to reviews.