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Putting Photographs And Graphics On Your Website

Photographs and graphics can bring your website to life. A few carefully chosen images can make the difference between a visitor moving on from your site or staying to find out more.

Typically, you may need the following photographs on your website:

– A photograph of your book cover (front and back)
– A photograph of yourself
– Any other photos that you think will help create the image you want to portray

Ideally photos should be provided in digital format. The photographs need to be good quality. Poor quality photos can make your site look amateurish.

Graphics can be used to add atmosphere to your site, particularly if used in the top banner. However, graphic headers can be expensive to create and will increase the cost of your website. For a top banner, a simple text header and perhaps one carefully chosen photo can be just as effective.

Stock photographs:
For a really professional touch, you may want to use photographs bought from a photo library.

Image manipulation:
Photos and graphics can be combined to make your website look more professional. Photographs can be re-touched. Graphic backgrounds can be added to text. The possibilities are endless. However, image manipulation takes time and can add significantly to the cost of your website.