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Websites For Authors – How Much Does A Website Cost?

We often get asked, “How much does a website cost?”.  It’s a bit like saying “How much does a house cost?”. There are many different types and sizes of houses that suit people with different needs and budgets. The same applies to websites. That’s why we ask you lots of questions at the start of a project so we can tailor a design package that meets your needs and budget.

When you commission us to create a website, you are paying for our time, skills and knowledge about the important things to include on an author’s website. In terms of time, the price of site depends on the number of pages you need, the number of books you want to feature, the number of covers you want to include. Here’s a rough guide although there are no definite boundaries between the price bands. You can mix and match!

£400 to £600 – Standard websites – basic websites with four to six pages featuring several books and perhaps a simple blog.

£600 to £900 – Larger websites – six to ten pages, featuring lots of books and perhaps with social media networking feeds and a blog.

£900 t0 £1200 – Very large sites with multiple pages and books/book covers and complex features such as integrated mailing lists, blogs and social media feeds 

Hosting and support

All our web design packages include hosting and support for one year

Domain name

You will also need a domain name for your site. You can register your domain yourself using one of the many domain registration sites on the internet, or we can register it for you on your behalf.

Common requests that can affect the final cost of your website:

  • Make so I can edit the words and pictures on my website
  • Give my site totally  unique look and feel
  • I have written a large number of books and want to show the cover of each one on my site
  • Put a contact form on my contact page
  • Put a ten image photo gallery on my site
  • Put a blog on my site
  • Put links to my Facebook page and other social media sites on my website
  • Make it so I can sell a few books on my site
  • Add a proper online shop to my site so I can list my books for sale
  • Write all the content for my site
  • Source all the graphics and images for my site
  • Give me an email address that matches the name of my site
  • Add a newsletter sign up form to my site
  • Put five You Tube videos on my website
  • Register some extra domain names for me
  • Do your best to make my site get found on Google

Websites you can depend on

We create high quality, WordPress websites with built-in security features (very important these days as the hackers are getting cleverer). If you opt for a site with a content editor (so you can edit the content of the site yourself) your website will come with a training manual and built-in training videos to help you learn how to use WordPress. We offer on-going support, for your site. Help is just a telephone call or email away. You need never feel alone.

Your on-going costs

All our web design package for authors include software updates and full technical support for one year.

Renewal fees from year two onwards start at £95 per year.

You will also need to pay for the renewal of your domain name each year. This will vary depending on the name but will usually be between £15 and £30 per year.