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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design For Authors

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that we get asked about website design for writers.

How long does it take to design a website? 
If you have all the text and images ready to go, and have a good idea of how you want your site to look, we can create a site in a week. Realistically, a typical five page website usually takes about four weeks to develop.

How do you create your websites? 
We create all our websites using WordPress. WordPress is a very well respected development platform which as a full Content Management System (CMS) built in. In fact WordPress is one of the most popular ways of creating a website on the internet today. We love WordPress!

Can I update my website myself?
Yes, of course. You do need to have plenty of time and patience, and a reasonable grasp of working with computers, but if you can manage your own updates, it will save on update fees. For those with limited time or a faint heart when it comes to working with computers, we also offer a complete website maintenance service. Some clients use the CMS for simple updates and ask us to do the more complicated stuff.

I have already registered a domain name – can you still design a website for me?
Yes – not a problem. You can leave your domain name with your current registrar and we can give you advice on how to ‘point’ your name at our host. In this case, you must remember to renew your domain name each year.

I have already set up hosting – can you use that to host my site?
No. We prefer to use our own hosting provider for all our sites because we know they offer high quality, fast hosting and excellent support. We also know their systems inside out. Since hosting for one year is included in our initial design packages, you can simply cancel any hosting that you have already set up and there will be no additional costs to yourself.

Is it better to have a .co.uk or a .com domain name?
It’s your choice really. Dot com names are considered global domain names and are the names of choice for individuals and businesses who have a global focus. Some people regard them as the cream of domain names and wouldn’t settle for any other. Dot co.uk names indicate a UK bias and are used by people who do not need a global identity and prefer to be associated with the UK. There are now a huge number of other endings available – .press, .gallery, .media to name just a few.

Do you design ebook covers?
Yes, we offer a comprehensive ebook cover design service at reasonable prices.

Do you format ebooks?
Sorry no. We specialise in web design for authors which will help promote your ebook online and also ebook cover design. A professionally designed cover will encourage more book sales. However, we can refer you to people who offer ebook formatting services.